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Sreda, 23 September 2015 09:23

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Mr. Davlat Yusupov

We are members of an association called 'Ecological Society Kozjak Dragučova' (in slovenian: Ekološko društvo Kozjak Dragučova-EDKD), an organisation that has undergone a transformation from a civil initiative to a fully-fledged non-governmental organisation in the process of fighting for our rights. Deeply concerned about the recent comments made by the mayor of the city of Maribor, dr. Andrej Fištravec, we wish to bring your attention to the flip side of the story that you and your corporate entities have been offered by the mayor in question.

1.  In accordance with the statements made by Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (HSE) and Dravske  Elektrarne Maribor (DEM), the mayor of the city  of Maribor has no authority to hold talks regarding the implementation of the project 'Pump-storage Plant Kozjak'. This has also been confirmed in a press release made by HSE and DEM.

2.  From  the  statement made  made  by  the  manager of HSE, Mr. Blaž  Košorok to Slovenian Press Agency (STA) in 2013,  it follows that the investment into 'Pump- storage Plant Kozjak'  needs to be examined not  only from the ecological and economic perspective but also from the perspective of »market price of electricity«.The key reasons provided  were the price of one megawatt hour (from 100 eur to 40 euro) as well as the difference between the day and night electricity tarrifs, which would not grant the investment in 'Pump-storage Plant Kozjak' profitable. Furthermore, the project  has been  found  problematic by The European Commission General Directorate for Environment due to the fact that it has been located in  an area that is a designated Natura 2000 Site and therefore protected by the General Directive on Habitats.

3.  The project is in need of a revision.

4.  Environmental rules envisioned by the European Union were not followed in the process of determining the location  of the project. Therefore  a special note needs to be made of the Aarhus Convention  and the European Parliament and Council Directive 2011/42/ES on the assessment of impact  of particular  public  and private projects on the environment.

5.  Current environmental legislation grants landowners the right to actively participate in the decision-making processes regarding projects that might affect them. Since the beginning, the position of the landowners affected by the project planned by ČHE has been unanimous, namely, they shall not grant  consent  to the project. Their decision has been proven valid by the assessment performed by the European Commission Directorate General for Environment as well as by the guarantee issued by Slovenian authorities on September  5, 2013.

Yours faithfully,

Ivo Tratnik, Chairman of EDKD

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